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Investments & Equity Management

BPHC Group® gathers experts with proven and solid track record superior to two decades. For us, our customers investment is, at least, proportional to the vote of confidence entrusted to us.

We devote ourselves from the first contact and create value, together, at every step, embracing your mission, sharing knowledge and assuming risk.

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Business Units

Corporate Social Responsibility

The project pequeno maior Foundation® or Foundation pequeno >®, as a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, bases its action above all, in the area of Psychology, with the unequivocal focus of covering everyone and everything related to the child's quality of life.
Thus and simplifying all that interferes with or is related to the life and environment of child development, relies on the unconditional commitment and effort of the organization.

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Vector de Apoio à Criança - BPHC Group

Child Support Vector

This segment mainly and directly focused on the child, works in kindergartens and primary schools, with voluntary Psychologists and internal Project Managers.

Vector de Apoio aos Pais - BPHC Group

Parents Support Vector

This segment essentially provides structuring/restructuring for business, micro and small businesses going through less favorable periods, being yet projects with rejuvenation and growth potencial.


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Media Mind Security

Technological Consolidation

We proudly share another small achievement, on the road to technological consolidation. BPHC Group, through its business unit Media Mind Security, was recognized by AXIS Communications, International Technology Manufacturer, as an Application Development Partner.

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Corpo Técnico

CTC new creative space

Corpo Técnico Business Unit surpassed another goal in its growth by investing in a new space dedicated to its creative and technical team. Thus was created a new and modern Creative Space, where originality is breathed, fostering the team spirit and the sharing of knowledge.

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Garagem do Bairro

Recognized and Awarded Commitment

Garagem do Bairro wanted to commemorate the team 2017 performance and organized a unique and memorable experience.

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Garagem do Bairro

GDB invests on its Franchisees!

It was still in 2017 that Garagem do Bairro won another challenge on its growth path, this time with the inauguration of the new brand's Operations and Training Center.

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